Who I Am

An IT expert with over twenty years of experience building websites and online communities for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies (see bio below), technology was my profession, and my comfort zone.

Then in January of 2009, a personal tragedy struck me to my core.  When my brother was killed, I realized I was completely lost in being busy.  I had abandoned my personal life long ago and had no idea how to deal with ANYTHING.   (read more below)

I found answers in a ten day Vipassana silent meditation retreat, shamanic ceremonies , energy work, and various other holistic practices.   Some of these were so beneficial for me that I studied them to help others.

I love empowering you to express yourself and transform your business and life using all forms of technology. I also offer consultations to ensure technology is improving your quality of life and working for you (not the other way around). I also stay balanced, and help you do the same in men’s groups, drumming circles, shamanic ceremonies, memorable trips and more.

Can I help you with technology? Life? Balancing the two? Contact me!

My Story

I have been involved with technology since middle school.  I learned everything from how to build them to programming them.  My first job was computer installation.  I would insert a floppy disk, let a program run and it would install the software on the computers.  I slowly progressed and became part of various Technology Architecture teams.  I was configuring email systems, deploying server infrastructures, working on the Internet infrastructures, and even developing web technologies. I was so “in tune” with technology that I even started my own business, Gen X Media Solutions.  I have served on various boards, been president of some organizations, and am a frequent team leader.  I was happy at this point, so I thought.

While having lunch with my mother, I received a phone call.  It was my sister; she called and told me that our brother had been killed in an accident. Not only did I find that out right then during lunch, I also had to tell my mom.  I was devastated.  I remember all the expressions of my mom as I told her and held her as she wept in my arms.

So I decided to continue working a few days after the funeral. I took everything like it was nothing but then I found myself going to meetings, blanking out, not able to think.  I was not able to comprehend what was going on in my world, why was I so lost not able to find the way to mourn the loss of my brother. By this time, I had tried many things, finally I discovered what it was.  I was so busy taking care of everyone else, organizations, people, computers but I was not taking care of the one person that mattered the most, MYSELF.

I discovered that Technology and everything I was doing for everyone else was so engrained in my day to day, that I never really did anything to take care of me.  I had no balance.  Technology and other things were running my life.  I realized that if I did not balanced that out, I would destroy myself.

As I dug deeper, I discovered one common factor, Technology.  I was so connected never disconnecting that I never had time to think.  So I told myself, if I am experiencing this, I am sure that I am not alone.  So TechLifeBalance.net came to be.

I want to share my experiences and observations with you.  I have been in this industry so long that I have learned to balance life with technology tools.  I truly believe that Technology is a tool, not a lifestyle!  A lot of people think that they are living with technology, but in actually they have become slaves to technology, I know I was.  Do not live attached to your technology, disconnect, and learn to appreciate life as its raw form not through the monitor, the gadget.

Live life!  I hope you enjoy the blog!

This is your Tech Zen Mario, Disconnecting.

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