Communicating with Technology

If you have noticed, technology is used in all forms of communication.  Texting, Facebook, Twitter along with other social media platforms has allowed everyone to connect around the world.  No longer is the person on the other side of the world inaccessible or even delayed in receiving a message, or so we think.

Due to technology integrating into our lives, it makes it seem that everyone uses it and everyone understands it.  To some of us technology is very easy to use, those menus, that click, that app, it’s all easy to some of us.  Some of you reading this are probably saying, but it’s so easy to use how can some people not understand it?

There are various considerations that must be taken when using technology to communicate.  For this blog post, I will use Facebook.  Facebook probably has the best group to work with to understand this.
Facebook has grown not because of its technical aspects but for its simplicity to use and connect with.   Yes, there are people that struggle with it.  You cannot blame age, or gender.  Facebook demographics show that everyone wants to communicate.  The 13-17 age group population in

Facebook is about the same amount as the 55-64 year olds.  The largest population is now the 18-25 followed by the 26-34 and then the 35-44’s.  Understanding that you have that much variety in age groups it must be understood that technology experiences vary dramatically.

When you communicate through Facebook, it is a common “look and feel,” everything looks the same to everyone.  The Facebook user might change a picture here or there, but overall it’s the same interface for everyone.  Some people are comfortable because they grew up with the daily changes of technology while others grew up in different era of technology where it was only utilized to acquire, interact or design information for their fields.

So why be aware of this?  When you are communicating using Texting, Facebook, Email or Phone, it is very important to understand the person or people that you are communicating with.  While some people will respond fast, other people might respond slower.  Sometimes it could be because of their experience with the technology or they might not feel comfortable addressing the message in the current form.  Those are just a couple of examples.

There are so many factors to consider when communicating with technology and you must be aware that when you send any form of communication, especially with technology, you need to respect and understand that the person receiving the message(s) could be busy or might not be able to respond properly because of the “way it comes across.”  There are different forms of communications and using the proper form is important to get the proper response.

So join me next week, with Journey of Possibilities’ Chief Inspirational Officer Sheryl Sitts, to discuss, the human side of technology and how you can decide the best form of communication to whoever you are talking to.

This is your Tech Zen Mario, disconnecting.


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