Connecting To The World

For some of you, technology is part of your daily lives.  For others, it’s just something you use for work and for many, it is “the lifestyle”.

I am not here to preach that technology is bad.  Technology is wonderful to us.  Technology gives us that extra time to do more things.  Though, in this ever connected world it does not seem like it.

Let’s take a normal day for someone.  Most of you are waking up in the morning and you turn your computer on, reply to emails, surfing the web, checking your favorite sites.  Since the Internet is slowly replacing the Newspapers, it is only natural that you read your information through the Internet.  You consume information.

The next level is when you feel a connection.  This connection comes from the Facebook status changes, twitter updates, the chat board, dating sites, etc.  You tell yourself, “let’s share what I am doing or feeling with other people.”  At that time is when people start feeling a connection.  No longer are you just consuming information, you are becoming part of the information.

That is when it changes.

You begin to feel that writing your feelings out there or a routine in your daily life is what gives you that connection.  Your connection to the world becomes the “sharing.”

While there is nothing wrong with sharing, you have to realize that it is one way “sharing”.  No matter how personal it is, it is going to the world being read and translated in their point of view.  The connection you have is a “virtual connection”; you cannot see how people are reading it.

I do not deny that sometimes that connection is very strong.  When I update my status and I get responses it’s fascinating to me.   It makes me feel great when people respond to me.  It makes that bond to the “virtual connection” stronger.  Then that strong connection is sometimes what makes it hard for some to disconnect.  You feel like the world is there for you.  You feel that the connection you have cannot be broken, because you want to know what the world is doing.  You begin to get the rush of what is going on… let me see what someone else is doing.  It becomes a cycle, you update, they update, you comment, they comment, always there, always in your hands, always a connection away.  You begin to get a rush, what is going on, what is she or he doing, let me do this let me do that, send this email, respond to this text, I am talking to the world!  But yet, it is still a “virtual connection.”  That rush you get from checking your email all the time, the replying to texts or status all the time can be dangerous.  The moment you are always checking everything all the time means that you have no time for yourself.  As humans we need that.

It is very important to have the time for yourself to relax.  If you do not believe it, think about how much stress builds up when you are not connected?  Turn off the phone for an hour and see how you feel.  It will relieve you, it will relax you.  It’s ok to disconnect, that world will be there when you come back.  So do disconnect and see what other world is out there.  I think Sherry Turkle said it best, “The network is seductive.  But if we are always on, we may deny ourselves the rewards of solitude.”

I wish you an hour of disconnection for you.

This is your Tech Zen Mario, disconnecting.


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