Why Do They Not Respond?

Are you wondering sometimes why people are not responding to your text message fast enough?  Do you worry why people do not respond to your emails as soon as you send them?  If you are worrying about this you should think about a few things.

  1. Not everyone uses technology the way you do.
  2. Some people do not feel comfortable with certain technology.
  3. People do not respond on your time, they respond on theirs.

With our connected world, the human factor still is involved.  The reason many people do not communicate in the speed you want them to is because they are busy doing what they are doing.  With our Instant gratification society developed by what I call the Internet Phenomenon
According to Facebook statistics 1 in 13 people have  a Facebook account and log in daily and according to a Microsoft Blog Names “Microsoft Tag” 91% of mobile Internet is to socialize and 86% of Mobile Internet users are using their mobile devices while watching TV.


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