My Peru Journey: First Ayahuasca Ceremony Experience

If you just started reading from this post you might want to read this blog post first.  This post will talk about the reason I went to Peru.

When you do Ayahuasca your mind, body and soul HAVE TO BE PREPARED.  I read a lot about people that go somewhere and take Ayahuasca and get very sick afterwards, or they experience total darkness.  This usually occurs because they have not been prepared adequately.

There are four major things that you have to be ready for when taking the Mother Plant. 

  1. You must be with a Shaman that you trust.
  2. You must have your body and mind ready for it; there usually is a diet associated with it and I would recommend you ask the Shaman or Medicine man that you will be working with for details.  Each Medicine Man or Shaman has a different diet because some of them use different plants or are in different environments and only they know what their plants want.
  3. You must be open to an experiential learning.  What does that mean? To put it simply, it will show you things, objects, places, memories, even make your body do things you might think are “not normal,”  sometimes even voices that make no sense to your conscious mind but your spirit and subconscious will know exactly what it’s being told.
  4. Most important, allow yourself to surrender and honor the plant.  Ayahuasca is a very powerful teacher and it works in many levels.  It works with your mind, your body, your spirit and various levels of consciousness that if you don’t surrender to it will make sure you surrender to it.  It might work with your body in ways that you might have never experienced.  Some people burp, purge, others move a lot, go to the bathroom, others vibrate you just never know, this happens all during the ceremony.  So surrender and just let her show you and talk to you about what you need to know.  It will be a gift.

Do I have your attention yet?

So here we go… First day we arrive and wow what a beautiful Amazon Jungle.  There is so much out there.  The sounds of the river, the sound of various insects, birds and animals can be heard as we take a small trek to our place where we will be for a few days.  We are informed that tonight is our first ceremony.

Here I am, ready to do my first ceremony in the Jungle with the Master Plant.  Not only do I feel the power and energy of the Jungle, I feel the energy of the amazing healers that are here.  We have two Shamans and one of them is Herbert Quinteros who is the person we will be working with throughout this Dieta.  They call us one by one up to the altar that they have setup and in silence they go around the wheel of people.  First person, second person… and so on until it’s my turn.

Here I am, sitting in front of the other Shaman who by what I understand is one of the teachers Herbert was with.  She looks at me… grabs my left hand, my wrist to be exact and feels into my energy.  She pours Ayahuasca into this thing that looks like a little coconut cup, I say thank you and drink.  The flavor was not what I expected and well I can’t say it was bad but I can’t say it was good.  It definitely was an earthy flavor.  Everybody has finished drinking and the ceremony begins.

Silence is throughout the ceremony, I don’t know how long but I am sitting in my meditation pose then all of the sudden I begin to

feel a tingling sensation on my face, my tounge, my cheeks.  The Icaros start… beautiful Icaros… I feel the Mother Plant now.  She tells me to surrender but I fight it.  All of the sudden I find my body not able to be coordinated.  I feel the urge to purge but I don’t.  The next thing I know I am laying on the left side… then I try to get back to mediation pose and my body falls over to the right side.  I can tell she is telling me to surrender, she wants me to give everything to her.   I never have surrendered like this to anything.  My body struggles.  The struggle continues for who knows how long.  Finally… I release and purge into a bucket that they have next to us.  The funny part is that I do not purge anything.  It’s all energy.  It’s really deep sounding purge and it’s intense.  I know it’s energy because I feel a weight lifted after I purge.  Yet, I am still fighting it.  I hear the music being played by some of the people that are working with Herbert.  The music is so healing and all I know is that I can feel it through my body.  I feel it removing the blocks of some of the emotions that I resist in my  everyday life.  Sometimes I retract when I meet some very strong personalities all based on fear… and somehow. right now with the music… those fears are being cleared for me to really understand what I am going through and discovering more of who I am.  Song after song, chant after chant, the whole room is spinning and here I am feeling all the vibrations from everything.  Not only am I feeling the chants, I am feeling the energy of the entire crowd, the jungle, the spirits.  It’s incredible, I’ve never seen or felt things like this before.  It is powerful.

Then I feel what you always hear about Ayhuasca… the Snake.  It starts from the base of my spine or what we call the Root Chakra.  I feel it slithering through the Root Chakra and slowly makes it’s way up my spine until it hits my throat… my Throat Chakra starts tingling… I struggle a lot.  Throat chakra also is something I have struggle with, not

able to speak up sometimes or intimidated to say something because I am afraid of hurting people…. Then the music and chants continue… all of the sudden the Shaman is right there in front of me…. He asks me how I am doing and does some energy work with me and as soon as he touches the back of my neck, I purge once again.  As I purge I see symbols, feel the energy… feel my Root Chakra all the way to my Crown Chakra (The top of the head) and once again I purge nothing but energy or what some people call  “dry heaves.”  Here I am fighting… going… I don’t want to purge anymore but it continues.  My mind trying to control it but can’t.  I tell my self no I should not do that and then again I purge.  I sit there enjoying the comfort of hugging the bucket.  Yes, I said it… I took comfort hugging a bucket.  I just sit there patiently waiting in agony struggling and hoping I don’t purge again.  A few Icaros go by and a few songs that the healing musicians are playing and I feel the energy.  It’s amazing what healing you feel.  Things you can’t explain but you know it’s healing your mind, soul and body.  It’s incredible.  I still am at the safety of the bucket.  Herbert comes by does various things to me with Tobacco and tells me “You need to lay down, your mind is working too much”

I lay down and then it’s freedom… all of the sudden my energy moves through my body smoothly.  I feel joy, happiness, I feel like I just ran a marathon and I got to the finish line.

The Icaros and music continues then we are asked if we want another dose.  My mind says no you are in a good place… but my voice responds with “I DO.”  My mind fights it and says no but it seems that the Spirit of Ayahuasca has me and she wants me to go deeper.  After trying to avoid it, the Shaman says “Mario… come here.”

I go.  I get another drink of the Mother Plant.  This time it’s much more powerful.  I begin to see Sacred Geometry.  Then I open my eyes and in the middle of the room, I see a big spirit.  The spirit is there during our ceremony and the spirit is saying “Trust us.”  So I do and close my eyes.

The night continues and the Icaros continue. I start to see a road…

As I go through the road, I am sidetracked and shown visions of past things I’ve done or been involved with… then it converts into a various large pieces of Luggage and tells me… that’s what you carry around.  She begins to tease me by showing me beautiful things and then converts it into those luggage pieces.  She does that for the rest of the night. She shows me something beautiful and it becomes luggage.  On and on it continues.  She does it so much that I start laughing at how much luggage I have.  This is completely true.  I do carry a lot of luggage.  I finally got it.  I do try to carry the weight of the world on me.  I truly do and never realized it.  From then on, all that I see is an image and luggage.  I talk to her and say enough… she continues and I laugh even more.  “I get it,” I tell her, and she continues.  I think I saw so many luggage pieces that I did not know there were that many!

Finally, the ceremony is coming to an end.  My realization, I don’t need to carry other people’s problems, I don’t need to stress about the world like it’s the end.  Everything will be fine and when I get too caught up in something, laugh, express it and don’t bottle it up.  Laughter after all is one of the most healing things you could do when you are stressed out.

That was my first night of ceremony.  I did not know what to expect but I guess now I do.  What a way to be welcomed into the jungle eh?  What will my second ceremony be?

Stay Tuned for details of the second ceremony.  Please feel free to comment or ask questions below.  I welcome them and will gladly answer what I can as time allows or if you like to contact personally visit my contact page

If you would like to know of other journeys you can also read Sheryl Sitts blog at Journey of Possibilities or for her Ayhuasca Experience go to her blog post and her experience leading up to it at this other blog post



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