My TEDx Experience

I attended TEDx The Woodlands yesterday.  It was a great experience!  Not only did I get to experience some powerful speakers but I also got to speak in front of a TEDx Audience.  The experience is amazing!  You get to meet some great people and you connect at a level that you do not experience in other places.

My speech was called “We’re too busy to care” I talked about my experience that has resulted into this website:    It was an interesting feeling speaking in front of a TEDx audience because this was the first time speaking directly from the heart into a much bigger audience.  I always talked from my heart but it’s usually one to one not close to a 100 people!  Needless to say, yes, I was nervous!  I have shared this story many times but knowing that I was sharing it and I was going to explain what brought me to where I am now was very personal.  The part that made it easier is speaking from the heart.  I did not speak about numbers, I did not speak about science, I just talked from the heart.

I felt every feeling throughout my speech.  It was not easy talking about my experience without feeling those emotions.  I did not break down or do anything like that but you have to remember it’s been a couple of years of learning that have taught me to manage those feelings.  We never lose those feelings, for that matter, any feeling; we just learn to manage them.

After my speech various people came up and talked to me about my speech and told me that my speech made them think of where they were in my life.  I only had two slides, the one before when I was very busy to really care for me

This one which is where I am now.

So just like asked the TEDx Audience.  Is your life the 1st slide, or the second slide?




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