OH NO! Facebook is like our lives!

As I sit here going through my NEW Facebook layout, I start thinking about how Facebook is so much part of our lives.  It also says how we react to change.  Do you embrace it?  Do you run from it?  Do you not like it?  Think about it.

At first glance, I thought to myself, this is a pretty drastic change.  Then as I started examining the changes and what they were doing, I learned to adapt to it.  Now think about that for a moment.   Our lives are pretty much like Facebook.

Let me explain.

Facebook, like life, is always changing and just like in our lives, we sometimes do not want that change.  Sometimes those changes are so drastic that it causes a certain reaction from us.  How we react to change is sometimes how you deal with change.  Time and time again it has been shown that we do not control our lives, just like we do not control Facebook’s layouts.  What happens after we are with “it” a while?  We either adapt, not like it but still use it, or the drastic and sad move of leaving Facebook.  Now do not think I am putting the same value of Facebook as our lives, but the way we react to Facebook changes is probably how you react to life.

Change is a constant in our lives.  Sometimes we will not like it but we must learn from it.  Sometimes we want change and we do not get it, so embrace and love what we have.  We must let go of what WE want to happen and understand that only God can really give you what you want.  All you can do is give love.  Love the change!  Love the people you have around you!  Love the uniqueness of who you are!  Do not allow yourself to get caught up in the stress of change; just allow it to come in.  Adapt to it because one thing that we all know about our lives, that just like Facebook, life will never stop changing.

Now go, disconnect, enjoy the changes in your life and embrace them!

This is your Tech Zen Mario, disconnecting.

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