What Makes You Happy?!


It’s been a long road for me.  My journey has driven me to various places in my mind, in business and in my personal world.

As I traverse this journey, I’ve learned one thing, live knowing your truth and who you are.  Sure you can have a daily job, you can have a business that’s paying you lots of money though the question still remains… are you happy?

In this busy world that it feels like we are connected every minute of our life, when do we have time for your happiness?  Sure I can lecture you to do this and do that to make you happy.  The reality though question is, “What makes you happy”?

If you go to the About Us page in my website you will see my story.  You will see that through I journey I have gone through various phases and now truly am happy in what I am do  So what makes me happy?

I have the ability to translate all this geeky techno speak into English.  I enjoy introducing and educating people on how to balance their life with Technology and how to use their technology to build communities,  I also love simplifying life using Technology tools where you do not need to learn all that Techno Speak. I am your Geek Translator, I know that when you come to me you learn one thing… How to manage your technology properly.  Whether is reprogramming a website, creating a store online, creating a community or learning how to use your technology in a balanced way where you do not have to use it all the time, I am here to help you.  I’ve been through what you are experiencing right now… getting in all the gadgets, tools, buzz phrases and Internet jargon.

So To answer what makes me happy? In simple terms, I love to help you with your Technology Overload and ease that burden.

Please feel free to contact us for more information and see how we can help you balance technology in your life.

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