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It’s been a while since I blogged and I feel I have transformed in a way that most people don’t understand.  As I browsed my website www.techlifebalance.net I noticed I only had business stuff and a lot of people do not know much about me.  Now I have added a Personal Blog and I will share some parts of my life that most people always ask me about.

I felt it was time to share and maybe it might help some people out there.  My journey has been very profound and has helped me overcome some things that I feel a lot of people deal with everyday.

Some people say I used to be so ______ (you fill in the blank) whatever they thought was a good thing in their eyes.  Most people don’t realize that what they see as good is only their perception of what society has said is good.  I also fell into that trap.  I wanted to be in the “norm” because in society If you are out of the “norm” then you are not a “normal” person.  Whatever happened to true individuality?  Everybody is out for the “American Dream”.  That means a House, wife, 2.3 kids, a job that making lots of money, etc. etc.  If everybody wants that, how is that individuality?

I wanted to preface my blog with that because my journey has been a true search of what *I* consider individuality.  It’s not about following what society says makes me happy, it’s not about what I am supposed to have and not have.  It is about being happy with me.  You know that little thing you don’t like about yourself, that is you.  Why not embrace it rather than try to get rid of it?  Why not embrace the little quirks that we all have and just love us for who we truly are.  That has been my journey.

I have done various things throughout my Journey of 2009 and now… the most recent is a trip to the Amazon Jungle to go do “La Dieta.  As I understood, it is a tradition that a lot of Shamans do and it’s like a quest to find yourself or a quest to discover more of what you did not know.  A long time ago it was a Shaman going into the jungle and settings up a Lean-To and being by themselves then going to ceremonies various times during their Dieta time period.

The way it works is simple.  You go on a very strict diet.  The diet involves no sugars, no salt, no caffeine, no alcohol and various other types of foods including the seasonings that go along with that.  You also are to abstain from sex including masturbation during this time.  You are to observe silence as much as you can and you are allowed to journal.  They recommend not bringing any type of “Entertainment”, books, radio, etc.  This and the very strict diet are to clean your body of all toxins so you can prepare for you ceremonies and working with your “Master Plant,” more on that later.  This is used to connect to YOUR body, mind, soul and be able to listen to it without distractions and to be disciplined to experience what you need to learn.  That would be done for a few weeks prior to getting there and 10 days on location with various ceremonies and 3-4 weeks afterwards when you leave.

So what are these Master Plants and ceremonies?  To start, the Master Plants are plants that the Shaman gives you as part of your Dieta. You take them at various intervals throughout the day and week(s).  What type of plant you consume is chosen by your consultation with the  Shaman and dependent on your intention.  The Master Plant is the foundation for what you are there for and the ceremonies are with Ayhuasca which is the Master Plant Teacher or the Mother Plant that works with it to help it find your intention.  You can learn a bit more about Ayhuasca in this documentary The Sacred Science.

I started my Dieta earlier and started to really prepare my body for what was to come.  Various things came up and I wondered what in the world am I to expect from this.  I cannot say I was nervous but then again I am always ready for a new experience… and for me… a new experience is always fun!  I had and still have excitement of going into the Jungle. After all, the Jungle is where all true healing comes from. That is where pharmaceutical companies go to find their medicine and then extract only the chemical elements of the plants and use them as medicine.  While some pharmaceutical companies always think they can figure out the mysteries of the “diseases” the truth is that the medicinal plants from the jungle are usually the cures that people are looking for.  Yes, they are not a little pill that you can take easily but hey it’s a natural solution, not a chemically created  pill that has side effects which in some cases it says “possible side effects could be death”.

So why did I do it?  One, the explorer in me always wanted to go into the Jungle. Two, I’ve done various ceremonies with different plants, have done Vipassana and also other modalities dealing with Energy and crystal work and even musical instruments and they have always taught me something about myself.  I used to be very intimidated by people with very strong wills and also was very afraid of myself and being me.  I was a people pleaser.  I never realized how much I wanted to please someone until I discovered that I was not pleasing myself.  Now if I do something, I do it because it is something in me that wants to do that, not a need for approval or because someone said I “needed” to do it.  This adventure was strictly for me.  Yes, I was being selfish and while our society does not accept selfishness as a “proper” society standard I personally feel that it is ok to do something because you want to.  How many times have you held yourself back to do something you wanted to explore?  There is nothing wrong with that.  That is just one of the aspects that have come out of my experiences throughout my journey.

In the next couple of days I will be writing about my experiences in La Dieta.  I will be expanding on some of the days and what I got out of the ceremonies.  So many people have never done Ayhuasca and have heard that it’s a drug or it’s this or that and I wanted to demystify what it is.  I will put myself in the limelight and you will hear what it taught me.  I will talk about what I learned and things that I would of never been open about.  So subscribe to my feed on Facebook, Twitter and you will see my posts chronicling what happened.

Stay tuned…


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