What is Oneness? by Daniel McNicholas

The idea of oneness is a misguided and misused term in the spiritual community. We do not really know what it is, however, people say it all the time, “We are all one.” I never like to take things for granted and instead of taking it in, my stubbornness helps me to contemplate a subject for a long time to have a deeper understanding. Through meditation and contemplation, I was able to get a stable understanding of oneness that resonated with me. Here it goes…

I asked the universe for an understanding of oneness and the answer I got was using numbers, which I find fascinating as the idea of oneness has really nothing to do with numbers and black and white ideas. However, it made so much sense I had to share it with all of you.

The way it was described to me was in an equation. So, let’s say…


The way oneness works is the numbers and symbols (1, +, 1, =, 2) are individual parts of the universe. For example, me, as Dan, would be the one. However, the whole equation would not be possible if not for the symbols of the individual equation. This is to say each individual and part of our universal system is required for it to work. You need the rich man just as much as you need the poor. You need the bird as much as you need the skyscraper. It is all part of the amazing puzzle we call the universe. When you put all these aspects together, in one gigantic universal equation, then you have the idea of oneness. This proves the idea that we our all just as important to the whole.

I would go as far to say Hitler and Jesus are just as important to the whole. They were both as important, to each other, when you view the world through the lens of oneness, which is the eye of source.

However, from the individual human experience Jesus seems like a much nicer, more holy, and moral person… so he must be more important. However, we need the plus’s in equations just as much as we need the minus’s.

This does not mean we do not need the individual perspective of consciousness. It is required for us to have this human experience, in this universe. If we saw consciousness through only the eyes of one-ness, then how would create our own symbol in the equation of the universe?

This life is a paradox because life has two components playing with each other at the same time. Therefore, the puzzle must have separate pieces before it can come together. When you are missing one puzzle piece the whole puzzle is ruined. Therefore, the individual experience and aspect of god you are is so important for the functioning of the universe.

Think of the universe as a car. You need every part of the car to be working for it to function. You need the engine, the pistons, the tires, the brakes etc. When one these components goes out of order, the whole car does not work. This means you need all the individual parts to play their role and the whole car will function properly.

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As humans, in this current life, we get caught thinking we need to be everything, which makes us forget to rely on the whole. The whole equation of the universe, every part of it, is working in your favor. This is the key to understanding how you can surrender to the universe.

This means we can relax and understand we are taken care of. The trees are bringing you oxygen. The farmer is growing your food. The doctor is studying medicine just in case you get sick. The musician is there making music to help you enjoy the day. The yoga teacher is training to help you find your bliss. The cook is working on his craft, so you can enjoy the meal. The truck driver is away from his family to help bring you goods. The technician is working on your car, so you can go to work. The mailman is making sure you get the information you need. The salesman is helping you to buy products that are helpful for your life. The donation collector is helping the poor and the homeless. The electrician is making sure you have electricity.

You are so taken care of in this world. The rain comes without effort and brings you the water required to survive. All you need to do is relax, find your one gift, and be part of the whole. It does not have to be inventing a cure for cancer. It could be building websites to help others achieve their dreams. This is as important as the surgeon who saves lives. He needs a website too to run his business. Every part of the whole is just as important as the other.

We can just relax, find our gift, and surrender to our part in the whole. It does not have to be more complicated then this my friend. Find your passion, what you love to do, and you will be successful in life. It can be as simple as making the best steak. You could be the best locksmith. You could build the best computer ever made. You could make the best smelling soap in the whole world. You could be the best housecleaner this world has ever seen.

We all have our part in the whole and it is so beautiful. When we find that aspect ourselves, the gift inside of us, we can express it to the world.

Daniel McNicholas




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