What is Tech-Life Balance

Having been in the I.T. Industry over 20+ years, I’ve learned that technology is an ongoing pursuit of knowledge. Then a personal tragedy changed my life in 2009. Like most people, I get overwhelm by the amounts of information concerning I.T. and could not connect emotionally to the people around me. I realized that, while technology was meant to ease my day-to-day life, it created more confusion and “tired” feelings. So I decided to create more free time and a balanced life for myself. In redesigning my own life around using technology in a healthy way I was able to achieve what I call Tech-Life balance. Below I describe what Tech Life Balance means to me. Move your mouse around the different questions and it will expand a little more on the subject.

As you look around this website, www.techlifebalance.net you will notice that I have articles that I’ve collected or written about Heart, Mind, Body, and Spirit along with technology information in simplified words. This website will be very diverse in a sense that you will read about studies concerning technology, spiritual articles that will vary from different spiritual practices or beliefs, articles about science, article about modern day practices to heal ease the mind and much more. The mission of this site is to “Provide information to help individuals, professionals, corporations, families ease technology into their life while learning about other forms of holistic and spiritual practices that can help with the day-to-day burdens that we experience”

What is Mind?


Our logical reasoning and awareness; where we store information/knowledge and memories.


What is Spirit?


The truth of who we are and and how we connect to the Divine and each other

What is Body?


Our physical presence and external representation in the world

What is Heart?


Where feelings like love, compassion and empathy originate; as we learn to love ourselves unconditionally, we give that to others.


BALANCE is the key! In our culture, we are programmed to lead busy lives centered in MIND -based activities (school, career, etc) and our looks are valued over maintaining a healthy BODY, so that even those who are “physically fit” suffer heart attacks and high blood pressure from stress. HEART and SPIRIT are afterthoughts as romantic and family relationships and friendships are reserved for “spare time”, and spiritual practices happen in temples on Sunday mornings. This model results in the endless pursuit of wealth, unhealthy bodies, neglected hearts and spirits, and very little happiness. We become healthier, happier, and ironically more successful when we learn to live in the present moment, reprioritize ourselves first, and develop daily practices for overall HEART / SPIRIT / MIND / BODY health. Technology may then be used strategically to create more free time, stay connected to loved ones, and make our work and social lives easier. This is true tech-life balance.

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