Your Brain Needs a Break

Technology is everywhere in our lives.  If it’s not a cell phone, it’s a computer.  If it’s not a computer, it’s a tablet.  If it’s not a cell phone, it’s television.  The reality is that we are inundated with technology in our daily lives.

How many times do you check your Blackberry, IPhone, Internet gadget?  When you go on vacation do you respond to e-mails because you think your workload will be smaller when you come back?  Is that really what happens when you come back?

We are so connected that we forget that we need to rest.  Our body is not capable of handling work 24/7.  It is not meant to be a workhorse all the time!  Study after study proves that we need time to unwind.  I like to compare this to exercising 24/7.  You know the body will not be able to handle exercising 24/7 and that is just the muscles that “move” your body.  We cannot forget that the mind is also a muscle and if you overwork it, just like your body muscles, it will be exhausted.

Unwind means relax, detach, remove yourself from your day to day routine and have time to think for yourself.  Do not be afraid of that time by yourself, it is when we let our brain recuperate.  Just like exercising, you brain needs time to heal itself.

So tell me, What are you doing to relax your mind?

This is your Tech Zen Mario disconnecting


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